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Tennis is enormously popular not only among sports fans from India, but also among bettors who make money from tennis betting. Besides soccer, it is perhaps the second most popular sport all over the world. Since it is an individual sport, it has its own special features compared to the same soccer, basketball etc. Every day more and more people who are interested in betting tennis online are beginning to make money this way.

Tennis betting features

A big advantage in tennis is the frequency of the competitions. Betting on a match can be done at any time and day of the week using tennis betting websites. The drawbacks include the inaccuracy of the matches' start time. The reason for this is that in a tournament the competitions follow one after another. Until one pair finishes the game, the second pair is not able to begin the match. Therefore, there are problems with determining the exact time of the competition.

In tennis there is no single championship, but rather a set of tournaments of different categories, which athletes take part in at their own will, according to their ranking. This allows you to easily find tennis matches to bet on today. Most of these tournaments last one week. The most prestigious tournaments in tennis are the Grand Slam tournaments, which last two weeks: Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open.

There are three types of surfaces in tennis: clay, grass and hard. Each surface has its own specific properties, so many tennis players specialize in one or another type of surface. For example, Spanish players are traditionally oriented on clay surfaces, where endurance and stable play on the backhand are very important. But British players prefer to play on grass, where strength and accuracy of serve are more important.

Men's and women's tennis are seriously different, because men's competitions are more predictable, while women's competitions after Serena Williams' retirement have no clear leader, and recently even the women's qualifiers have become winners.

Motivation of a tennis player

There is another aspect that many bettors, who bet on tennis matches underestimate, which is the athlete's motivation. Before betting on a tennis match, here it is necessary to work very hard, as the information about the fees of tennis players for a particular match cannot be found out from the usual news.

You should not consider only the financial side as motivation for tennis betting in India. Tennis players, like all people, have their strengths and weaknesses, and this includes favorite and unfavorable surfaces, tournaments, and weather conditions.

We should not forget about the Masters Tournament, because often tennis players do not fully perform on two tournaments at the same time, but choose the one that they think is the top priority.

You should understand that there are more than 500 tennis players in total, and that even the minimum amount of information about each athlete is impossible to keep in your head. That is why all statistics, analytics and every bet on tennis matches should be recorded.

For this purpose, you can independently develop your own form where this information will be recorded, for example, in Excel, or you can use existing special programs that you can easily find on the Internet. Such programs do not guarantee winnings, but they increase your chances of tennis sure bets and simplify your pre-match analysis; moreover, you can upgrade and customize them to your own needs. You should start with a simple Excel file and over time it will become an important tool in making a tennis betting prediction, moreover, it will save a lot of time in the end.

Sometimes there are situations when athletes come to a tournament simply to participate and avoid penalty points. But even these situations can be predicted with experience and practice. Changes in mood, injuries, and even weather that can change during a game might also affect an athlete's performance.

In-play Tennis Betting

Various bets during the match are quite popular among Indian players, because online tennis betting in live mode is the most profitable, as there is always an opportunity to evaluate the current form of the opponents, without depending exclusively on statistical data. Correspondingly, while watching the match you almost immediately understand who is the favorite of the standoff and who is the underdog.

In addition, betting on tennis in play involves a large number of different offers from the bookmaker. More specifically, the line usually provides odds on the following outcomes:

  • Game break
  • Total: number of games in a set or a match
  • Plus and minus handicaps
  • Even or odd

On the basis of such a variety of odds, you can apply any tennis betting strategies in practice, which is used by experienced betting experts. On the official Bilbet website you will find a huge number of possible bets on live tennis, as well as you can bet in Indian rupees, without worrying about currency exchange and withdrawal percentages.

Where and how can I bet on tennis matches in India?

Choosing the right tennis betting website is a very important and responsible step. We recommend all Indian fans to try out Bilbet, where you always have something to bet on with great odds and where you can quickly deposit or withdraw your Indian rupees.

To successfully conduct betting on tennis, it is enough to follow a few simple steps. Basically, the algorithm of actions does not differ from betting on other sports, but there are some nuances that are peculiar to singles competitions. Impossibility of draw results makes tennis betting more attractive, but equally interesting. The process looks as follows:

  • Correct choice of matches and selection of the supposed outcomes for them.
  • Comparison of tennis betting odds between the offices.
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of the match.
  • Selection of the amount for a tennis bet, considering the principles of bankroll management.
  • Registration of your selected tennis bets in the betting slip.

So, that's all, now you only have to wait for the event to start.

The most popular and best tennis bets today are bets on the outcome of the match with handicaps, and game totals. Tennis betting can be very profitable, if the bettor is well versed in the particular nuances of the game and a certain tournament.


For a consistent and regular long-range tennis betting it is very important to take into account some other points as well:

  • It is necessary to delve deep into each match and carefully take into account not only the court surface, but also the weather conditions, which often greatly affect the course of the game, and in some cases the match may be postponed at all.
  • Tennis is played by only two athletes, so their emotional and physical condition has a direct impact on the course of the match. You should monitor their game schedules, injuries, loss/win ratio, long flight before the match, conflict situations or problems in personal life, etc. as closely as possible, in order to successfully bet on tennis matches.
  • It is necessary to do not only your own analysis based on facts, but also to use tennis forecasts from recognized experts in their field to find the best tennis bets today.
  • Something that is always important in tennis betting is the use of strategies. It is necessary to learn as many strategies as possible and use them skillfully.
  • Tennis meetings take place all year round. Competitions and tournaments take place with enviable regularity. It is important to stay on top of the game and keep track of players' tournament moves and changing positions in the world rankings. Using these tips, you will eventually learn how to find the best tennis bets today, and make some decent money on them.