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StarCraft is one of the most famous games in esports betting. Starcraft 2 betting is especially popular among bettors from India on the website of Bilbet. Bets on tournaments in this discipline are accepted by almost all bookmakers. Today tournaments are held for StarCraft: Brood War, StarCraft: Remastered and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. StarCraft was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Three races are represented here: terrans, protoss, and zerg. The main task of the player is to develop the army, extract resources and destroy the enemy.

Types of bets on StarCraft and their features

Players can choose one of the betting options:

  • a classic outcome: P1 or P2 (victory of one of the players or the team);
  • an outcome per map: P1 or P2 on one separate map.

With the first option, everything is clear. And the second can be difficult, especially for beginners. Everything is simple here — in Starcraft 2 esports betting, everything revolves around maps. Matches are played in bo1, bo3, bo5, bo7, and so on. For the bet to play in the outcome on the P1 map, you must win once (on one map). For W2 — the win must be on two cards out of three. The format of the match is known in advance, on its basis, the following bets are formed:

  • Total under/under. TB 2.5 cards indicate that all three cards can play in the match. Players must win at least one.
  • Handicap. A negative or positive handicap per player or team. Handicap 1 — for a StarCraft bet to work, the player must win at least 1 card.
  • Even or odd number of cards. If an odd number of cards are played, then the final score will be 2:1, with an even number, the score will be as follows — 2:1.
  • Accurate account. Guessing it is much easier than in football or basketball. The number of cards to win depends on the match format. You need to guess the exact score, it is quite predictable, since, for example, strong players defeat weak players, as a rule, with a score of 2:0 in a bo3 match format.

These are the main options for Starcraft 2 betting odds, which are offered to bettors from India by the bookmaker Bilbet. Thanks to such a wide variety, every bettor from India will be able to choose the most suitable type of bet for himself to win and get his reward.

Which type of bet to choose to win

To make winning bets, you need to follow the results of matches, you can do this on many sites, the main ones are:

  • is the official site of SC. Here you can find all the latest information on tournaments, you can become a member of the forum, and find answers to any questions of interest.
  • is the most famous English language SC portal. It also contains a large amount of information that will be useful to players and bettors.

Before placing bets, experts recommend analyzing the following information:

  • a match format;
  • matchups;
  • demos;
  • strong and weak cards of the player;
  • statistics of recent matches and tournaments.

The most winning type of Starcraft 2 betting is classic outcomes, totals, and odds. It is on them beginners should focus, since the outcome here is more predictable.

General tips for betting on Starcraft at Bilbet

The following tips will help you improve your pass rate:

  • Install the game. It is not necessary to fight for high places on the ladder and spend all your free time on strategy. It is enough to follow the updates and occasionally play. This will help to know the meta, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the races.
  • Take into account the ping of the participants. Maps can take place on different servers. It will be more difficult for a European in an Asian tournament and vice versa.
  • Pay attention to the style of gamers. Often this criterion becomes decisive. Even players who are strong in individual skills can be weaker than a beginner with an aggressive fighting style.

Such simple tips will help every bettor from India and other countries to successfully bet on the popular esports discipline — Starcraft.

How to start betting on Starcraft at Bilbet?

It's quite easy to start Starcraft esports betting at Bilbet. To begin with, a bettor from India needs to go through the registration procedure on the website of the bookmaker. This process is quick and easy, and looks like this:

  1. Go to the website of Bilbet.
  2. Click on the registration button.
  3. Fill in all empty fields with valid data.
  4. Agree to create an account.
  5. Confirm your registration.

After that, the bettor will have a personal account. New bettors on the Bilbet bookmaker website receive a welcome bonus after the registration procedure and making the first deposit. By the way, for making deposits and withdrawing winnings, players are invited to use the national currency — the Indian rupee. Thanks to this, bettors from India can carry out financial transactions at Bilbet quickly, simply and without extra commissions, and it is more profitable to place bets on Starcraft.