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Betting on snooker today is a bet on an intellectual sport in which the paramount importance is not how good a player is from a technical point of view and how well he can execute each shot (a rebound shot or an attack shot), but how well and consistently the player able to do this under pressure and over a long period.

The subtleties of betting on snooker

When betting on any sport, it is important to understand the rules first, and snooker outright betting is no exception. This is a kind of billiards. On the table, there are 21 balls in a pyramid, of which 15 are red and 6 are coloured, located at different points. The balls are pocketed with a white cue ball, in the order 'red-colour-red-colour...'. After the coloured ball has been pocketed, it is returned to its place. As soon as the red balls run out, then you need to roll the remaining coloured balls into colours: first yellow, then green, then brown, blue, pink and black. 1 point is given for a red ball, from 2 to 7 for coloured balls. Whoever scores more points wins.

There are several terms in world snooker betting that you need to understand:

  • Frame — party. During this game segment, you can score up to 147 points, in some cases up to 155.
  • Snooker is a situation where the ball that the player needs to hit is closed from hitting from both sides.
  • Rollback — a blow to take the cue ball into a position that is inconvenient for the opponent.
  • Kicks — a series of several blows in a row.
  • Frameball — a ball that gives the athlete more points than is left for the draw on the table. More often than not, this ball is the last one in the game.
  • Century — a break of 100 points.

Snooker betting odds have become more popular in recent times. Now, this sport is getting closer to getting into the Olympic program. Bets in these competitions have also become more interesting and widespread, so we offer you to see what you can bet on in the snooker final betting odds line.

Schedule of events in matches

There have been more snooker tournaments lately, and bookmakers have had to expand the list of matches. The most common events in it for snooker betting are the following options:

  • The outcome of the match is the winner of the game. There are two athletes at the table, so the task of the bettor is to determine who will win the match. You can bet not only on the entire match, but also on a single frame. By the way, in some matches a draw is allowed — usually, this happens in the games of the group stage of the tournament.
  • Total. It is counted by the number of frames played. It is in the range from 18 to 35, some bookmakers can set the Asian or European total.
  • Handicap on frames. Here you can bet on the gap in the score by the number of games won.
  • Will there be a maximum? Just the situation when a player scores 147 points. A rare event in painting, but sometimes it is offered for snooker world championship betting odds.
  • Even Odd. It is necessary to determine whether the number of points in the frame will be even or odd or by the total number of games played.
  • Total hundred series. A bet on how many times players can score 100 or more points in a frame.

As it can be noted, Bilbet offers its bettors from India very interesting and diverse options for snooker bets online, which is very pleasing.

Types of bets on snooker


I use handicap bets mainly in short-range matches. When the bookmaker gives unreasonably high odds for a plus handicap for the underdog. For example, a +2.5 handicap in a match up to 4 wins can be estimated at odds from 1.45 to 2.29, which can certainly be a value bet. I rarely play a minus handicap, even if I am sure that a particular snooker handicap betting player will win, because a minus handicap suggests only one option for the development of the match, in which the alleged winner will not leave a chance for an outsider.


Snooker world championship betting on the total is made according to the same principle. A relatively short match format is important. The previous history of confrontations and an understanding of what scenarios a match can develop is important. What playing styles have players in this match? Is one of them able to give a series of winning frames and keep the opponent from the table?


The main mistake of the bookmaker is that the pattern for breaks is directly related to the odds for P1 and P2. That is, if you can bet on a player's victory for a coefficient of 1.45, then you can bet on his larger break for approximately the same coefficient. At the same time, Bilbet does not take into account that a stronger player may be less serial, or not have the motivation to make a bigger break. For example, you can take one of the most serial world snooker betting odds players in history, Judd Trump (the first rating number for February 2020). After Trump hits the 100 breaks, he relaxes and starts throwing unnecessarily risky punches to please the crowd. As a result, in the match protocol, the highest break does not always belong to him. At the same time, he is one of the most serial players in history and will probably become the best in this indicator at the end of his career.


The main difficulty in live snooker shootout betting odds lies in the very possibility of placing this bet. There is a very low chance that you will be able to bet on the winner in the course of the frame while having a strong advantage. As soon as an ambiguous situation arises on the table, which can become such after each hit, the acceptance of bets on this event is suspended and resumed again when the bookmaker has already correctly assessed the probability of winning one or another snooker player. However, knowing the intricacies of the game and the condition of each player in the match, you can find an advantage here too by betting on the snooker betting sites team to win in a particular frame before it starts.

Long term rates

In this case, we are talking about a bet on the winner of the tournament before it starts, as well as during the tournament. It is extremely difficult to take advantage of the bookmaker’s mistake here, but for those who like to test their luck and forecasting abilities, this type of betting on a snooker final is a good option and is more like investing rather than sports betting. Usually, in this case, the tournament favourite is not given a coefficient less than 4. Further, more and more attractive coefficients follow.

Accurate score

A bet on the correct score takes place in the case of a short match format. For example, a match up to 4 or 5 wins. A short distance allows you to more accurately predict the winner of a match with a specific score and bring a significant win, since the odds for masters snooker betting odds with this outcome are extremely high. Especially, if you think the underdog will win.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on snooker

Masters snooker betting is not the most popular type of betting. However, in India bettors often use scooter betting. For this, Bilbet has created all the conditions:

  • Provided a wide line of painting.
  • A variety of rates.
  • Attractive odds.
  • Fast payouts.
  • A possibility to conduct transactions in national currency (Indian rupee).

It has its positive and negative sides. The advantages include accessibility for world snooker outright betting — although this sport is not the most popular, the bookmaker's office Bilbet gladly accepts bets on it. Also, the painting has become better lately — a good range of handicaps and totals has appeared.

The disadvantages of snooker in play betting include a small selection of live events — Bilbet reduces the number of live markets available for betting.