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Betting on the NBA at Bilbet bookmaker

NBA basketball betting is not too different from betting on other team sports. In a sense, they can even be compared to betting on hockey. The Bilbet bookmaker offers players to bet on the winning of one of the teams, the winning of the team taking into account the handicap, the individual total of the teams, the total of the match, and other less popular outcomes, the 'Live' option is also offered. But, even in these seemingly understandable proposals, there are several features and nuances.

Types of bets on basketball, features and nuances

Bilbet offers its clients from India a wide range of NBA top bets types on favorable terms. In particular, today the following types of bets on the NBA are available to Bilbet customers:

  • Total
  • Match outcome
  • Handicap bets
  • Comparison of quarters
  • Match betting
  • Team Pass Betting

Next, we will deal with each type of NBA line betting in more detail, so that bettors from India can understand the features of each of the above options.

Total bets

It is this type of betting that is a feature of basketball betting. Bilbet offers a list for these matches with a huge number of total variations. Before the start of the match, at least three totals with a different number of points for the overall result of the match (number of points scored by the team) will be offered in the line of many bookmakers. Those players can bet 'over/under' on different totals, for example, on the fact that 175-199 points will be scored in the match.

Totals are accepted both for individual quarters and for the entire match, and the number of free throws, fouls, three-point balls, etc. Serious offices offer a whole market of totals for individual basketball players, among the main offers here is the number of points scored, fouls, three-point balls, and more.

Bets on the outcome of the match

This type implies a bet on the outcome of the match at the end of normal time or on the winner of the match, taking into account overtime. A draw in basketball is a rare exception, which is one of the main advantages of this type of betting. At the same time, for bets on the outcome of the match, the offices always offer odds many times higher than for bets on the victory of one of the teams. A feature of the North American leagues (NBA finals betting lines and NCAA) is that they mainly offer bets exclusively on the outcome of matches, taking into account overtime. For other events, the odds for bets on the winner are not significantly lower than for bets on his victory in regular time, so it makes sense to choose just such offers. There are also bets on the winner for individual quarters.

Handicap bets

Basketball painting is often represented by several lines with different odds. You should be aware that the handicap values ​​here can differ dramatically. For example, depending on the strength of the teams, before the start of the match, the bookmaker can offer both — 2.5 and — 25.5. In these two best NBA bets today, you can also include the range of points with which the team will win or lose the match.

Quarter Comparison Bets

Here it is proposed to compare the performance of one of the teams, as well as the total score of the match as a whole. The bookmaker offers to bet on NBA betting matchup odds on which of the quarters this indicator will be higher compared to the other quarter, or to guess the quarter with the highest indicator for the entire match.

Match comparison betting

The bookmaker offers to bet on the best among teams of approximately the same class. Two matches of one round of a particular league are taken, where teams with approximately the same difference in the class play, and a “better than” bet is offered. Thus, the player needs to guess which of the presented pairs will show the best difference in points in the match of this round. The calculation of the top NBA bets tonight is made according to the results of the main time, in case of a draw, the difference in points is counted as equal, regardless of the outcome of the overtime. Bets are also offered on comparing the sum of points scored in two matches, namely in which of the matches the team will score more points.

Team Pass Betting

An equally interesting type of bets that are accepted on matches taking place in the cup system (playoffs). The most interesting here are the NBA's best bet picks playoffs, due to the largest number of matches, unlike the playoffs of other tournaments. You can also bet on the exit of the team from the group in multi-stage tournaments (Euroleague) or on the passage to the playoff stage of the national championships.

Types of long-term bets on the NBA

The complex structure of the league allows bookmakers to form long-term bets that are interesting for bettors:

  • for the winner of the regular season in conferences and divisions;
  • conference playoff results;
  • the winner of the Superfinal;
  • draft results;
  • final results of individual players and much more.

The most popular medium-term bets are on the NBA betting lines picks playoffs, that is, on the victory of one or another team in a head-to-head series. When concluding such bets, it is impossible to use any betting strategy. Here, deep knowledge about the current form of teams, their leaders, tournament motivation, and so on will be more useful.

Features of betting on the NBA league

These bets differ from bets on other sports, as well as directly from bets on basketball matches in other leagues. First of all, the intensity of the games. They play every other day, and sometimes even daily.

For the players, this is a significant plus: thus, more results and, consequently, more information and statistics on the team. And for players who regularly place bets here and have some success in the results (guess at least 55-57 bets out of 100), this is extremely profitable! Since the growth of the bank will occur several times faster, compared to the same football, where matches in a certain period can be only a couple of times a week. Indeed, by and large, the main goal of the player is not the percentage of guessed NBA betting, but the amount of profit.

But there is also a negative side. This league is attractive for a huge number of players, so bookmakers are especially careful when setting odds and minimizing possible losses. Which reduces the profitability of the game accordingly.

Among the features and patterns that you should pay attention to when betting on the NBA betting stats, the following can be distinguished:

  • The statistics of NBA matches suggest that the time of legendary teams has long sunk into oblivion, winning streaks in the NBA now do not last more than 10-12 games in a row.
  • In addition, in our time, a team can move from a clear leader to an outsider throughout 1-2 seasons and vice versa. Therefore, betting on the NBA should not use statistics from previous years. The only thing that can be taken into account to some extent is last season.
  • Playoff games in the NBA online betting tend to have fewer field goals compared to games during the season. These knockout matches are the most important, so the concentration of teams and each basketball player individually is at the limit. As in other team sports, where athletes are in no hurry to take risks.
  • A similar trend can be traced in the opening matches of the season. After the break, the teams are gaining form and increasing the pace, respectively, and fewer points are recorded in their assets.
  • Teams that have significantly updated in the off-season, as a rule, do not show high performance in the next games. Basketball is a team sport where the teamwork of the players plays a very important role.

These are just the main patterns characteristic of the NBA betting odds for today, of course, several other factors must be taken into account when preparing to bet on a basketball game, especially since many of them are inherent in other team sports. A player interested in this sport should understand that betting on the NBA has a lot of advantages, but, of course, there are certain inconveniences. In general, the sport, like the NBA championship, is very interesting for betting.


Thus, the NBA sports betting regular season and playoffs, as well as everything that happens around this championship, provides a wide field of work for bookmakers and bettors. Several important conclusions can be formulated:

  • Due to the high competition and unpredictability, the pre-match analysis is considered the most difficult here (it should be taken on only if the bettor is aware of the intricacies of the game and knows how to handle statistics);
  • Catch-up strategies show high conversion rates, but to use them, you need to find a bookmaker who does not introduce artificial restrictions against a bettor who regularly plays catch-up;
  • It makes sense even at the amateur level to look for sure bets from different bookmakers in the total markets (this opportunity is best represented in the NBA all star betting, where there is a large spread in the performance of matches).

You can play all year round, because many bookmakers make it possible to bet even on summer and autumn qualifying games.

And finally, the NBA online betting odds is the best spectacle in the world of basketball. Therefore, bettors from India quite often, in cooperation with Bilbet, choose to bet on the NBA. Bilbet provided clients from India with all the necessary conditions for this:

  • a wide line of painting;
  • profitable odds;
  • protection and security;
  • fast transactions;
  • the possibility of using the national currency (Indian rupee).

This can explain the popularity of Bilbet among bettors from India and other countries.