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Esports disciplines promise to conquer the top of the esport betting Olympus, and the popularity of individual tournaments is growing exponentially. Experts predict a billion-dollar audience for esports, and professional cappers consider it their duty to understand popular events to make money on bets, in line with fashion trends. Recently, League of Legends tournaments have been gaining popularity at a huge pace.

What is League of Legends?

The release of 'League of Legends' or LoL took place in 2009, and after 5 years the number of players exceeded 100 million, and the game has spread all over the world. In some countries (for example, in Taiwan), 5 to 10% of the total population of the state plays League of Legends.

The rules of the League of Legends are quite simple. This is a team strategy where the player teams up with allies to be the first to destroy the enemy's nexus — the centre of his base. Who is ahead of the opponent in this problem — won. It sounds simple, but the strategy would not have an army of fans, if it was not for the mass of the game's features.

The strategy begins with the fact that each gamer chooses a champion for himself — a character that he will play. There are more than a hundred of them on the list, and each is endowed with unique abilities. During the battles, the characters gain experience and proportionally increase their strength. Gamers also earn points for completed levels and choose which skills they want to develop.

The strategy forces players to think ahead, team up and use the strengths of their characters precisely within teamwork, which is why the game has gained such popularity in a short time.

League of Legends Tournaments

Considering that the total number of players in LoL has long ago exceeded one hundred million, there are a lot of tournaments for this game. But many of the competitions only matter at the regional level and are not counted by professional bettors. The biggest League of Legends tournaments are:

  • World Championship.
  • Mid-Season Invitational.
  • Continental League (LCL).

All these options are offered to bettors from India by Bilbet. Everyone who wants can choose a suitable LoL match betting, and at the same time use the national currency — the Indian rupee. Next, we will deal with each option in more detail.

World Championship

The World Championship is a key event in the League of Legends world, attracting gamers from all over the world. Held in October, the prize pool exceeds $2 million. In 2019, the League of Legends World Championship was broadcasted on the Internet in 16 languages, and the number of viewers was 44 million people. The World Championship is held in several stages: a qualifying one and a group one, and then knockout matches according to the playoff system.

Mid-Season Invitational

So that the players do not get bored in the middle of the season, another major tournament is held in May, which brings together the strongest gamers. The prize fund of League of Legends betting sites is 250 thousand dollars, however, the amount is constantly growing. Also, a quarter of the proceeds from the additional purchases made by gamers at the end of the tournament are distributed among the winners.

Continental League (LCL)

The competition has gained the greatest popularity in the post-Soviet space. The spring and autumn stages of the tournament are held, and the winner receives, in addition to recognition and a solid monetary reward, a ticket to the world championship. The prize fund of the last tournament amounted to a little more than 65 thousand dollars.

Types of bets on League of Legends

In addition to standard LoL betting odds on the winner of the match, bookmakers offer bets on the markets, which are now quite a lot, including online. The difference between LoL and other esports disciplines is that there is only one card in the game - Rift Summoner, but the match lasts 3 or 5 games. Bet Options:

  • Winning a specific game.
  • First Blood — the team or the player that gets the first kill.
  • The exact score is the ratio of killed characters for each of the teams by the end of the round.
  • Total frags — the number of kills of characters by one or another team or a player.
  • Total destroyed structures — the number of all destroyed defensive towers at the end of the game or by a certain moment of the game.
  • Individual card totals for teams and players — the number of individual achievements of a player or a team: kills, destroyed structures, assistance in killings, etc.
  • MVP is the highest-scoring player.
  • Bets on the first team to get 5, 10, 15 or 20 kills.
  • Handicap by cards — League of Legends betting on the victory of one of the teams with an advantage in the score in a certain round.
  • Nashor Capture Total — how many times the players of a certain team will defeat the strongest neutral monster in the Summoner's Rift. Killing this monster grants all living team members the Baron's Hand buff.
  • Who will take the next dragon — which team will next kill a neutral monster (Dragon) to get a special buff.
  • Whether a certain hero will be blocked — before the start of the game, each team will block a certain character who will be inaccessible to the enemy. In this way, teams cut off 'combining pairs' — two or more characters who get a serious game advantage by interacting with each other.
  • Total destroyed Inhibitors — how many times a certain team will destroy a special building (Inhibitor), which blocks the appearance of enemy super minions on a certain line on the map.
  • The long-term forecast for reaching the semifinals, finals, super finals, the winner of the tournament or the League.

In addition to non-standard outcomes, there are more usual League of Legends money bets— on the victory of one of the teams or the position that the gaming team will take at the end of the tournament.

Features of betting on LoL

Professional cappers study the features of the esports discipline to succeed in betting. Emphasis is placed on the following aspects:

  • The player's ability to play in a team. Even the most talented and experienced gamers may not play with teammates, and the benefits of individual skills will be significantly reduced.
  • Take a break at the beginning. So that the balance of power does not seem like a 'Chinese letter', study a couple of matches first to assess the shape of the opponents, their tactics and strengths.
  • Play on your own. Cappers should play a couple of games themselves, so that the number of questions about the strategy is kept to a minimum. Additionally, you can fill in the 'knowledge gaps' in specialised forums.

Betting strategies for League of Legends

Betting strategies for the 'League of Legends' correspond to the standard canons of the bet on League of Legends, bettors do not develop any special schemes to make a profit from an esports strategy. Among the most popular strategies, experienced cappers distinguish:


The strategy is great for pragmatists who are used to seeing order in everything. Each bet is equal to 1 to 5 percent of the total bankroll, so the risk of losing a deposit is minimal. The bettor needs to conduct analytics and ensure that the percentage of won betting on League of Legends matches does not fall below 65%.


The strategy provides for the selection of outcomes for which odds above 2.00 are offered, but you should not take too high quotes (consider 2.50-2.60 as a ceiling value). The essence of the strategy is simple — in case of loss, the amount of each next League of Legends bet increases in arithmetic progression. In the case of winning, the capper starts with the starting amount of the bet, which cannot be changed. A bettor should not choose random outcomes, looking only at the odds, but should conduct in-depth analytics of tournaments and individual events.