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Live volleyball betting in India

There are several types of different volleyball. Live volleyball games include beach volleyball and such rare types as kung volleyball and marble volleyball. And during the rapid technological progress, interest in online eSports volleyball has increased.

If we talk about live volleyball betting, the following important points should be noted:

  • There can be no draw in a volleyball match.
  • The rules of the game may differ from tournament to tournament. For example, not all tournaments have technical breaks when the leading team scores 8 and 16 points.
  • In women's volleyball, favorites among teams lose more often than in men's.

Types of bets:

  • bet on total - the number of points. The total can be general or individual, for the entire match or for a separate set.
  • bet on even/odd. In matches of even teams, bets on even in a set are accepted with lower odds than bets on odd. This can be explained by the fact that the game ends if the team has an advantage of at least two points. In a stubborn struggle, when one of the teams needed more than 25 points to win, the total in the game will be even in any case.
  • bets on handicap in the whole match or in one of the sets. For example, with a clear favorite and an outsider, you can take a minus handicap, expecting the success of a stronger team with a certain difference in the score.
  • a rate on a set, which is chosen because of the higher odds compared to the bet on the entire match. Betting on the victory of one of the teams in volleyball is not popular among players. Most often they take a total and a handicap.

Where to bet on live volleyball

Volleyball is a popular kind of sport as football or basketball, that’s why there are many sites with similar types of bets. For example, the Bilbet satta has been showing itself as a reliable and modernized representative among others for many years. Therefore, betting on live Volleyball India with Bilbet will be interesting and profitable.