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Live table tennis betting in India

Table tennis is considered a young sport. If we talk about the birthplace of table tennis, then there is no consensus on this matter. According to various sources, ping pong was first mentioned in the USA, India or China.

With the development of this sport, interest from bookmakers has also increased. This is how the version of live table tennis appeared. And various types of online rates on live table tennis matches.

Pay attention to the existing rules before placing bet:

  • A set is always played to 11 points. If the score is 10:10, the game goes up to two points difference. For example - 12:10 or 15:17.
  • The first serve may be repeated if the ball touches the net and thus hits the opponent's half. In case of an error on the first serve, the opponent receives a point in this case.
  • The match is played from an odd number of sets (from 3 to 7). The match continues until one of the players wins in most of the games.
  • In addition, there are four points to keep in mind when analyzing a match.
  • Tennis rating. In the middle and end of the season, the indicator objectively reflects the level of the athlete.

The results of a player with strong opponents and performances in top tournaments. History of personal meetings. Latest player news and interviews.

Where to bet on live tennis

And although table tennis is not as common a sport as football or basketball, nevertheless, there are enough sites with similar types of bets. For example, the Bilbet satta has been showing itself as a reliable and modernized representative among others for many years. Therefore, betting table tennis India live with Bilbet will be interesting and profitable.