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Live rugby betting in India

Rugby is a contact team sport that originated in England, one of the types of rugby football. The game of rugby has spawned many related sports, among which rugby league and rugby sevens are the most popular. In addition, some elements of rugby have been incorporated into the rules of American and Australian football and their derivatives. A rugby match is a competition between two teams, each of which is represented by fifteen field players, but there are other types of play.

Rugby-7, rugby-13 (rugby league) and rugby-15, beach rugby, tag rugby. All of them differ in the number of players, rules and duration of matches. Classic rugby-15, where 15 people play in each team and the match consists of two halves of 40 minutes each, is the most tactically and strategically difficult game, the situation on the field is constantly changing, and you need to strictly follow the rules in great dynamics.

After the inclusion of rugby in the program of the Summer Olympic Games, interest in this sport has increased even more. Betting on betting platforms for this sport began to develop.

What are the bets on live rugby:

  • rate outcome - victory of one of the teams;
  • handicap (or handicap) - the difference in points earned between teams;
  • total - the total number of points earned by teams;
  • the exact score of the match;
  • double chance - victory and a draw result of the duel are allowed;
  • first effective action - which team will score points first;
  • the first 10 points - by analogy with the previous type of bets.

How points are earned on a live rugby game:

  • Attempt (estimated at 5 points) - a player of the attacking team brings the ball into the end zone and touches the ground with it.
  • Implementation (2 points) - one player from the team that made the attempt places the ball at any point opposite the place where the attempt was made and shoots at the goal. If it hits, the attempt is considered successful. Opponent players must be in their own end zone.
  • Penalty Kick (3 points) - for certain violations of the rules (see below), the referee awards a penalty kick. If the team entitled to do so decides to shoot it, the ball is placed on the spot where the infringement occurred and one of the players kicks the goal.
  • Drop goal (3 points) - any player may shoot at the goal while the ball is in play. To do this, drop the ball when it touches the ground, hit it (but not the goal).

Where to bet on rugby today?

Box is a popular kind of sport as football or basketball, that’s why there are many sites with similar types of bets. For example, the Bilbet satta has been showing itself as a reliable and modernized representative among others for many years. Therefore, betting on a live rugby match today with Bilbet will be interesting and profitable. In addition, Bilbet rewards its users with welcome bonuses, which you can receive after making your first deposit. On this site you can also find casinos and other types of sports betting.

Summing up, you should pay attention to the fact that even the best sites that provide all relevant and verified data on game statistics do not guarantee the passage of your live rugby today. Developers give you hints that can help you achieve success.

Live bet on union rugby

Rugby union is a classic version of the competition (15 players per team), where 15 athletes from each side play on the field. The duration of one half in live rugby union is 40 minutes.