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Kabaddi is an ancient competition, today a sport for strong men with a high level of morale and a desire to win. Initially, such activity was aimed at improving self-defense. A game that does not require significant costs and specific facilities. Tournaments and championships are held, respectively, bookmakers accept Kabaddi betting.

The story goes back to ancient India and Asia. Today the Kabaddi game is very popular, it attracts the attention of not only the players, but it also arouses the interest of sponsors. The first impression for beginners may not be very good. Watching the participants in the competition, you might think that you are in the Middle Ages.

On the playing area — the playground, two teams of seven people play. The main goal is to score as many points as possible by raiding the opponent's side and touching the opponent. The result depends on the number of touches. The duration of the confrontation is 20 minutes, therefore it requires speed and dexterity from the participants.

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Kabaddi as a sport

Kabaddi is a really interesting game, in the process, it is difficult for the fans to take their eyes off what is happening. Knowledge about the entertainment itself is not enough for bettors. They need good preparations, which take half the basic needs and the morale to win. The other part is the tactics that are necessary for the effective use of one's power. This explains the popularity of the Kabaddi betting rate at Bilbet. For this, the sports betting site provided all the necessary conditions. A bettor from India just needs to go through a simple registration process which looks like this:

  1. Go to the official website of Bilbet.
  2. Click on the registration button.
  3. In the window that appears, fill in all the empty fields with reliable information.
  4. Agree to the terms of membership.
  5. Complete the account creation.

After that, a bettor from India has his gaming account on the website of the bookmaker's office. There he can make deposits using the national currency — the Indian rupee, and then bet on Kabaddi.

How is Kabaddi played?

The area for playing Kabaddi must be flat and have the shape of a square with a side of 10 by 13 meters. This is the official and precise markup with special lines. For women's teams, the field is smaller — 8 by 12 m.

To divide the playing area, you need to use markings and lines indicating the boundaries of the site. The middle line divides the court into two parts, determining the exact place for each team. The lines are parallel to the central one on both sides at a distance of four meters. The bonus lines are respectively one meter from the opposite centerline.


The game of Kabaddi Satta begins with a coin toss, it is determined who will be the first to enter the battle. This is not the only method for determining the beginning.

The team that is to start the game needs to send the invader to the middle line. Each has players who have specific assignments. Each composition in turn sends its invaders to the center of the field. His task is to touch the opponents and return as quickly as possible. Each touch is worth one point. At the same time, the invader, who goes to the middle of the field, must constantly shout the word Kabaddi until he returns to his own. The rules must be strictly followed by all participants, otherwise, points will be debited from their account to rivals.

The other team that does not start the attack must hold the defense. Players who expect an assault are required to protect themselves in every possible way. Do not allow your opponents to touch you and thereby deprive them of points. According to the rules, athletes are prohibited from grabbing players by the clothes, arms, and legs.

It is necessary to attack and defend one by one. They can attack and protect themselves from attacks for 20 minutes. After the first half, they rest for 5 minutes. And before the second half they change places on the playground. The winners are those who managed to score the maximum number of points. Players who do not adhere to the rules on the court leave the field. Each of the participants can be temporarily removed from the game. They can be replaced by participants who are in the reserve, not counting the retired ones.

Options by which a player can leave the competition:

  • If the attacking player manages to touch the opponent and return to his team, then the defender leaves the game.
  • If the invader is caught and unable to cross the line.
  • When an attacking or defending member crosses the mainline. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the moment when it can be especially pushed out.
  • If the tackle fails three times in a row, the third attacker leaves the game. An ineffective attack is when it is not possible to carry out a successful capture and earn a point. If the invader manages to cross the line and takes his place in time, this is considered a success, even without touching the opponent.
  • If the attacker crosses the opponent's field before the start, he leaves.

Dropped players can be returned to the game

You can return retired players, for this you need to knock out an opponent. If one team knocks out a member of the other team from the competition, it has a chance to restore its member to the field. They return to the field in the order they left the playing area.

How do you earn points in Kabaddi?

You can earn a 'Lona' by eliminating all rivals. If the first team manages to put their opponents out of the game without the possibility of returning. Their actions were not in vain, they got a 'womb' — this is 2 additional points. Only after that, do opponents have the right to take places in the playing area.

Earn a 'super hold' by possessing an opponent with three or fewer defenders. Playing with three or fewer players, while skillfully holding the defense, you can get an extra score, which is called 'super capture'.

Earn points when the opponent does not meet the established regulations. A large number of violations in Kabaddi is an additional point that the opponent receives. Thanks to this, you can easily get extra points.

  • If the invader during the attack says any other word, except for Kabaddi, the meeting is suspended and the point goes to the opponent's account.
  • If the invader starts shouting Kabaddi at the wrong time, the competition is stopped and the ball goes to the rivals.
  • The invader begins to get ahead of his colleagues and tries to attack first.
  • When more than one invader approached the middle of the field.
  • Defenders without waiting for their turn cross half of the field to carry out the capture. Each participant who took the lead without a team brings a point to the opponents.
  • If the removed team does not have time to return the players after the 'Lona' within 10 seconds, then the other team is given a point.
  • Invaders should not shout or advise how to attack.

There are moments when they deliberately try to fly out of the game to speed up the 'Lona' and return to the playing lineup. As a result, they can get a point for each of the participants who were in the game and 2 more points for the 'Lona'.

Kabaddi Tournaments

  • World Kabaddi Championship.
  • Asian Games.
  • Kabaddi World Cup.
  • Saf Games is hosted by India.

How to bet on Kabaddi?

It is not possible to bet on a Kabaddi match at all bookmakers. Only top bookmakers accept bets on Kabaddi. The list of bookmakers accepting bets on Kabaddi is provided above.

Types of Kabaddi betting online:

  • A clear victory in the match — P1, X, P2.
  • A total — more or less.
  • An individual total.
  • A handicap for the match.
  • Double bets — 1X, 12, X2.

Additional outcomes — even or odd, first and second half, player statistics, protective points, and other bets. Reliable bookmakers offer up to 50 markets for Kabaddi tournaments, depending on the event.

How to win on Kabaddi?

Bettors who follow Kabaddi events assure that it is not difficult to win. Kabaddi tournaments are held at the national level of Asian countries, this is considered the property of the people. Winning these tournaments is more important than money. Therefore, the majority plays Kabaddi honestly. As a result, quotes at bookmakers change rapidly. When bets are received on an event, bookmakers are forced to react, since the loads go mainly to strong participants. The statistics of various Kabaddi tournaments are available on the Internet.

Usually playing odds are up to 1.9, you can rarely see high odds playing from 2.5.

Rules for accepting bets on Kabaddi at Bilbet

Bilbet offers bettors from India to make the most profitable bets on Kabaddi. The process of accepting bets looks quite simple, so even novice bettors can easily cope with this task. To understand the sequence of Kabaddi betting odds at Bilbet, consider the following scheme:

  1. Match rules — 2 halves of 20 minutes, two teams of 7 people participate.
  2. The winner is determined by the number of points scored, in case of a draw, the game continues until the first point is scored.
  3. They attack, in turn, 20 seconds are given for the attack.
  4. Points are given for a successful attack — a run to the opponent's half of the court and touching a member of the opposing team with a hand or a foot. If the attack fails, the player is out.
  5. Grips for the torso, arms, and legs are considered, clothes and hair are forbidden.
  6. If the attack is successful, one point is awarded, the opponent is eliminated.
  7. It is forbidden to go beyond the edges of the site.

As you can see, everything is quite simple and structured. The main thing is to follow a clear structure to create successful Kabaddi bets at Bilbet bookmaker.

Expert conclusion

The range of Bilbet products is expanding every day, you can also see bets on UFOs, politics, weather, and others. Previously, it was possible to bet only on sports, and only on top tournaments. Today bettors from India can bet on esports, virtual sports, casinos, games, sports, exotic sports. Earning opportunities are growing, but don't lose your head, bet responsibly! Moreover, Bilbet offers bettors from India to place bets and conduct financial transactions using the national currency — the Indian rupee. This is very beneficial, because in this way bettors from India will be able to forget about additional transactions and make payments as profitably as possible.