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Formula 1 is the most prestigious open-wheel auto racing competition. During the season, most legal bookmakers accept bets on the championship stages. We will tell you where the better Formula 1 betting races are, how bets are calculated and what are the features of this sport.

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Types of bets on Formula 1

All Formula 1 betting odds are divided into three types:

  • Long-term. Bets on the outcome of the entire racing season. Players make a bet on the champion, silver and bronze medalists, the winner of the Constructors' Cup. Usually, such bets are available before the start of the first Grand Prix of the season. Some bookmakers continue to accept bets on the outcome of the season until the last race.
  • Qualification. Bet on the results of qualifying races. Here, players bet on the winners, the results of the confrontation between the two pilots, the time difference between the first and second places, and other additional events.
  • Race. In addition to the outcomes, the results of the confrontations and the difference in time between places, the betting shops offer bets on the driver who has completed the fastest lap, the first 10 drivers to finish and additional bets, for example, the appearance of a pace car or the departure of one of the participants.

These are the most popular types of Formula 1 sports betting offered by Bilbet bookmaker to bettors from India. Bettors can study each offer, and choose the most profitable option for themselves.

Features of calculating bets on Formula 1

According to the current regulations, the race lasts no more than two hours. If during this time no one has covered the distance, then the race stops, and the race leader's lap becomes final. When the race is stopped and the race is canceled, all unsettled bets on it are returned to the players.

When calculating long-term rates, official information is used. Until the moment of its publication, such bets are not calculated, even if all the races have already taken place and the winner is known. To qualify, the rider must cover at least 90% of the distance covered by the winner.

When betting on the results of the confrontation between two pilots, their results at the end of the race are taken into account. If both stopped the race ahead of schedule, then the driver who completed the most laps wins. If the exit of both pilots was on the same lap, then the bets are returned.

What to consider when betting on Formula 1

When bettors from India choose Formula 1 bets online on the Bilbet bookmaker website, they have to take into account some features. These important factors will help make your bet on Formula 1 as successful as possible. These features include the following:

  • Width and curvature of the track.
  • Qualification results.
  • Weather.
  • Strength of the automaker.
  • Lack of representative statistics.

Next, we will analyze each of the above points in more detail. Such information will allow every bettor from India to make the most successful bet as a member of Bilbet.

Width and tortuosity of the track

Before betting, study the results in the pilots' shows at the upcoming Grand Prix. Each rider has his style of driving that helps him on some tracks and limits him on others. Also, winding circuits do not allow fast cars to reach their full potential — there are no long straights on which the driver can develop maximum speed and break away from competitors in weaker cars.

Qualification results

If the Grand Prix takes place on an urban circuit, for example in Monaco, then the position of the cars on the starting grid can decide the outcome of the entire race. Due to many turns and the narrow roadway, it is inconvenient for pilots to attack an opponent and overtake, so the first cars start to get a big advantage. Often on such tracks, the winner of the qualification wins the race itself.


Rain often equalizes fireballs — on a slippery track, powerful cars cannot develop high speed. In addition, it increases the likelihood that one of the pilots will make a mistake and fly out of the race. For example, in the German Grand Prix in 2019, heavy rain began: seven pilots did not reach the finish line, and one of the outsiders of the season, Daniil Kvyat, took the third place.

Strength of the automaker

In each season there are dominant concerns that can afford to create the most technologically advanced, fastest and most maneuverable cars. For example, from 2014 to 2017, Mercedes built a car that allowed them to dominate the championship. For 59 races, the concern's pilots won 51 victories and scored 2169 points out of 2580 possible. In 2021, Mercedes continued to hold the leading position on a par with Red Bull cars.

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Lack of representative statistics

To make the right bets on Formula 1, you need to follow the Grand Prix and keep track of the features of each track and driver. There are no significant statistics in the tournament that would allow betting only on its basis, as in football or hockey. Most bets are subjective, based on personal observations. If you don’t have time to track each race, read analyst reviews or reviews by profile journalists.

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