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FIFA stands for the International Football Federation. The most popular and important matches are held under its aegis. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar. Qualifiers for this tournament are already in progress, and they are attracting the attention of soccer fans from India and from the rest of the world. Also a lot of people are going to take part in the FIFA World Cup 2022 betting as well.

Before the final tournament begins, the teams will go through a long road of preparatory matches, which will determine the participants. Under such conditions, it is more important for bettors who earn money from FIFA online betting to have a wealth of knowledge, since the qualifying tournaments involve teams of very different levels.

FIFA World Cup structure

For those who want to make FIFA bets, it is important to know that the final part of the Cup consists of two phases:

  • Thirty-two teams are divided into groups and play a round robin tournament. The 16 teams that finish in the top two places in the table of their group will make it to the playoffs.
  • The second round is an elimination game. In the 1/8 finals, the leaders of each group must play the teams ranked second in the other groups. The winners of each round advance to the quarterfinals and then to the semifinals.
  • The final match of the World Cup gives the winner the right to receive the main trophy which is the World Cup as well as the title of world champion. And the other finalist will be awarded with a silver medal.

Bookmakers already allow betting on the FIFA World Cup 2022. So far, the exact composition of the participants is unknown, as the qualifying round has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so in many betting shops you can do FIFA online betting only on the winner of the tournament, the top scorer and statistical indicators for the championship as a whole.

Types of bets for FIFA

To make FIFA World Cup 2022 betting as profitable as possible, bettors need not only choose accurate FIFA online betting predictions for this tournament, but also make the right bets. Almost all bookmaker offices are offering their clients the basic types of bets available to all registered users of the site.

  • Single FIFA bets are the simplest and most basic bets, they are the easiest to make. Only one event with its odds is added to the coupon, then the amount is entered and then the bet will be accepted. It is worth making such bets, if your plan is to bet only on one particular outcome.
  • Expresses: selecting this type of betting adds several outcomes to the betting slip at once. This is done so that the odds of each event will be multiplied with each other and give us a high total value. To become a winner in this type of bet, each FIFA bet in your express must be predicted correctly.
  • Live betting is a bit different from the others, as its special feature is not the number of events included in it, but the fact that betting here is made on a live event. In other words, a bet will be made on a soccer match which is currently in an active phase.
  • Systems is the most difficult structured type of betting, because it includes several expressions at once. If you fill out the betting slip correctly, the total FIFA World Cup betting odds significantly exceed the values of the other bet types.

All these bets, and even more are waiting for you at Bilbet. The main advantage of Bilbet is the highest FIFA World Cup betting odds, and this applies to all areas of betting. Moreover, if you are betting on many sports, you will find exotic tournaments and rare sports which you won't find at other bookmakers. Limits here are very good, so you will be able to bet as much as you want.

FIFA eSports betting

Soccer is loved all over the world, including its online version. FIFA eSports betting in contrast to real soccer is a more simple game: the performance of matches in eSports is not affected by weather conditions, by the factor of foreign or home field, by the relationship between players and their coach, or by the overall physical condition of the participants.

The success of a team in a cyber tournament is determined only by the skill level of the eSports players who control virtual players. Therefore, when betting on FIFA eSports, bettors are guided not by which club is more famous, but by the lineup of gamers announced in the matches schedule.

For the FIFA Cybersport Championship the 16 clubs are competing against each other for victory over the course of 30 matches. Pre-match bets are accepted no later than 10 seconds before the start of the event. It is extremely important when making FIFA eSports betting predictions to look at past match broadcasts for disqualified participants, patterns of play, and so on.

There are many similarities to real soccer, including the importance of analyzing past games. Besides the current stats, in order to perform successful FIFA eSports betting, you should also take into consideration the tactics of the opponents and the formation of the players on the field. Statistics of the current meeting are shown during the LIVE broadcast.

Of course, on the Bilbet website you will find all the matches for FIFA eSports betting, and the best odds as well. Of course, you can bet on cyber soccer and soccer in Indian rupees without having to worry about currency exchange, and without losing money, because of the exchange rate.