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Professional darts betting today is very popular in India. Over the past ten years, the game has begun to expand its horizons: it is developing in Western Europe, Asia, and Africa. There were fans of darts in India. Along with the demand for sports betting, offers from bookmakers also arose. Darts betting odds in our country do not yet have a wide audience, but there is a player in these markets.

Basic rules of darts

The basis of darts as a professional sport originated several centuries ago in Britain. Initially, the game took place in pubs, and it was played only for entertainment. Over time, the best players began to appear, which was the main reason for the first professional tournaments. We must say that the main rules of the premier league darts betting odds have not changed for many years.

The game is played one on one. Before the start, each player is awarded a certain number of points — most often 301 or 501. Darts take turns approaching the target at a distance of 2.37 meters, throwing three darts. Depending on which part of the target the sports projectile hits, the player deducts the corresponding points from those given out at the start.

The goal of the game is to reset your score balance before your opponent does. An important rule: the balance should be exactly zero, not go negative. Otherwise, the player's last throws do not count.

The target for PDC darts betting consists of 20 sectors, two rings of doubling and tripling points, a bull's-eye and a bull's-eye center. Curiously, the player receives the maximum number of points in one approach, not at all for three hits in the center of the bullseye, but for three hits in the ring of tripling the points of the “20” sector (180 points are obtained). Thus, the minimum number of darts required to wager 501 points is 9 pieces, that is, 3 sets.

We note another important rule: during the last throw, the player must hit either the bull's-eye or the doubling point sector.

Every time a player resets his balance, he wins the so-called leg. Usually, the game is divided into sets, in each the winner must win from 3 to 5 'legs' (depending on the tournament). To win a match, you usually need to win 3 sets.


Major darts final betting tournaments:

  • World Grand Prix.
  • UK Open.
  • World Matchplay.
  • Europe championship.
  • Premier League.
  • PDC World Championship.

It is the last two competitions that are the main ones in the calendar of professional athletes. They play the largest prize pool. The winner of the PDC World Championship receives not only universal recognition, but also £500,000. Since 2015, this tournament has been sponsored by British bookmaker William Hill.

Types of bets

Despite the absence of strong premier league darts betting in India, this discipline is presented in great detail at legal bookmakers. You can bet on the following outcomes:

  • Outcome bets. The main type of bet: it is proposed to bet on the future winner of the match. In darts, there are rarely opponents of the same level, so quotes will almost always have a favorite/underdog. Note, that there are draw results in darts, but not all bookmakers offer 3 outcomes in lines.
  • Bets on the correct score on sets. The winner in bdo darts betting odds must-win, as a rule, 3 sets. Accordingly, there are not many options for betting on the exact score in sets (6 outcomes). The odds for this type of bet are quite high.
  • Handicap by sets. Since the forces of opponents are usually unequal, bookmakers often offer bets on set handicaps. This equalizes quotes and makes the game more interesting.
  • Total by sets. The maximum number of sets in one game is usually 5. Accordingly, bets on totals for sets are selected: 3.5 or 4.5.
  • Checkout bets. The term checkout in darts betting markets means the end of the game in one go. That is, the player analyzes whether he can reset his balance of points with three darts. Bookmakers offer several checkout betting options at once. The most popular: which of the players will make the highest checkout (score more points in the last throw when resetting) or simply the total of the maximum checkout.
  • Total approaches of 180 points. One of the most intriguing darts betting sites. We have already calculated that a player can score a maximum of 180 points per approach. Bookmakers offer bets on how many such approaches there will be in a match. Totals vary from 1.5 to 6.5.
  • Other types of bets on darts. The list of bets is constantly growing, and bookmakers for major tournaments like the World Cup are ready to offer bets for every taste. Starting with what color of the target the last dart hits, and ending with whether the player can finish the game with the minimum number of darts (9).
  • Long term betting on darts. It is proposed to bet on its future winner before the start of a major tournament.

As it can be noted, Bilbet offers its clients from India great opportunities to place bets on darts, and do it on the most favorable terms.

Features of betting on darts

Darts is an individual sport, where everything depends on the skill of the player and his ability to cope with nerves. Therefore, the probability of accidents and sensational outcomes is low here. As a rule, darts betting offers are accepted with a high margin. The bookmaker's commission is 7-10%, in real life it can even be a little higher.

There are many subtleties in darts, so it is not recommended for beginners to play in real-time. First, you need to study the rules well and watch at least a few matches in full.

Multiple betting is only for fun. The margin in PDC darts betting odds is high, and when you combine several events, you will significantly increase not only the odds, but also the size of the bookmaker's commission.

The rules of different darts tournaments may differ, so always check the rules of Bilbet. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. It is also recommended, if possible, to study the regulations or watch one or two matches in the same tournament before making a bet.

If you are willing to spend time looking for additional information or statistics on athletes, it is recommended to use additional information sites. There, darts betting is covered in full, it will not be difficult to find the necessary news or statistics.

Analysis and forecasting

When choosing a bet on darts, you need to analyze the following factors:

  • The current form of the player. Even the favorites have unsuccessful series, when it is better to refuse to make a bet.
  • Competition status. It is necessary to study whether the tournament is important for the player, or if he can afford to be eliminated in the early rounds.
  • Match format. Some darters find it easier to play short games of one or two sets. Others, on the contrary, shoot for a long time, but at a distance, they can win.

All this will help bettors from India in playing darts betting as successfully as possible and get high winnings from it. By the way, players from India can place bets on the website of the bookmaker's office Bilbet in the national currency — the Indian rupee. This allows bettors to forget about additional operations and transactions, which means significant savings on commissions.

Live bets

In the live line of Bilbet, the sport is much more popular than in the pre-match. First of all, the result of darts online betting is determined quite quickly. However, you should not use the discipline, wanting to win back a minus or earn in a few minutes. It is better to turn on the video broadcast and calmly track which of the darts has a better chance of winning.

In live mode, you can bet on the following outcomes:

  • Leg or set winner.
  • How many times will 180 points be scored?
  • A throw to which zone will end the leg.

As you can see, Bilbet offers bettors from India very interesting real-time world darts betting options. Anyone can take advantage of this offer at any time.

Some secrets and tips for successful bets

Below there is a list of recommendations that will help increase the patency of the bet:

  • Watch matches. Most often, tournaments are held on weekends, and they are not inferior in terms of entertainment to other sports.
  • Do not overestimate the statistics of personal meetings. Darts is a non-contact sport, rivals cannot interfere with each other. Therefore, personal excellence comes to the fore.
  • Bet on the favorite in advance. As the event approaches, the odds for a stronger darts man creep down. Therefore, it is more profitable to bet on an outsider before the start or in live, and on a favorite — 2-3 days before the game.

These recommendations will help bettors from India to successfully engage in darts outright betting at Bilbet bookmaker. With the help of such simple recommendations, the probability of a successful bet on darts is significantly increased.