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Cricket is a very popular team sport with a huge number of fans. This sport is very interesting especially in terms of betting and strategies. Now let's try to find out what is so attractive and whether it is possible to make a good profit from online cricket betting in India.

The first thing that scares beginners who want to start online cricket betting is obviously the rules. So, if cricket is not very clear to you, you should have patience, read the basic rules and at the same time watch a game or two in order to be aware of how and what is happening in this amazing sport.

Cricket is one of those sports where statistics have a crucial role. Many players, making money on betting in betting shops or cricket satta bazaars, often do not use anything else, but simply draw conclusions based on statistical data. That's why you need to pay serious attention to this particular element. Cricket has many interesting factors of its own, so when you decide to fill out a cricket betting line, you need to understand that the probability of its passing depends on mathematical calculations and studies of previous games, especially their final results.

Basic rules of cricket

Matches take place between two teams, and each team has eleven players on each side. The field is rounded and may vary in size, but in the center there is always a pitch with a diameter of 20 meters, and this is where all the main action takes place.

Two teams each take turns kicking or pitching the ball, the defending side has one batter and ten field players on the field at the same time; the attacking side has only two batsmen on the field, one on each side of the pitch.

The offensive player tries to score as many runs as possible in his assigned over. The batsman tries to bat the ball, so that it reaches the boundary of the pitch or flies far enough away from the opponents to allow the batsman to run to the other side of the pitch.

If the pitch is successful, the batsman's team earns runs. However, fulfillment of certain playing conditions: catching the ball by the opponent before touching the ground, destroying the wicket of the batsman and others takes the batsman out of the game.

Innings will continue until ten batsmen of the batting team have been taken out of the game, after which the opponents will swap roles.


Cricket tournaments are varied in format and the system inside the discipline is quite confusing, so when you do cricket match betting, it is important to consider the format of the tournament. Currently, the main formats are one-day matches, tier one events and the T20 format.

  • First tier or Test cricket has competitions for elite teams. In these tournaments there can be only 10 national teams. The duration of such matches often stretches for 3-5 days.
  • One-day tournaments (ODI) mean competitions, the duration of which is limited by the number of overs: for example, in the game there can be only 40 or 50 overs, so the meeting ends within the boundaries of one day.
  • T20 ranked competitions are the most spectacular. They are limited in time, so events are fast-paced.

Live cricket betting

Live cricket betting is always more interesting, especially when you're watching the game yourself. With a good understanding of the sport there is a great opportunity to make more accurate predictions when you notice a change in the situation on the field. Very often online bettors will have a situation where they have made one prediction in pre-match, but in play they will make mutually exclusive bets based on good cricket betting odds. That will not bring you much profit, so if you are not sure about a prediction you shouldn't take it in pre-match.

That is the reason why live betting is good, because here you can monitor the situation, and play it correctly and intelligently. Some fans of cricket betting are even trying to make their own specific strategies in the live mode, but such models are rarely effective.

In general, it turns out that cricket betting in play is even more profitable than betting pre-match predictions. It is absolutely clear that you will not always be able to keep track of all games and find a sudden event change. Nevertheless, if cricket match betting is your only and primary way to make money, you can even change your lifestyle by devoting yourself to a deeper study of the sport.

Advantages and disadvantages of online cricket betting

Of course, it is worth noting that the most important disadvantage in this situation is the importance of analyzing the situation carefully before the match begins. It is absolutely clear that not all bettors in the world can easily make a good analysis of the encounter and also use the knowledge they have gained about proper cricket betting. But if a person has this ability, then it will be much easier for him to make his own choices. Accordingly, this will determine how much you will win when it comes to online cricket betting in India.

Next, it is worth remembering that there are enough matches to make today's cricket betting. Accordingly, this situation gives bettors the opportunity to make a lot more cricket betting, and in general, a large number of matches in the season potentially affects the amount of profits. If soccer bettors can make two or three bets a week for the league, here is a chance to find cricket betting games that are sure to bring you winnings. And what's really nice is that on the Bilbet website you will always find excellent cricket betting odds for these matches.

Another of the most significant advantages of online cricket betting is the relative predictability of the outcomes. In general, cricket is characterized by a large number of different surprises, but it is worth mentioning that it mainly applies to the winners' identification. In other words, if you are ready to play on totals and you can determine the passing outcomes in a variety of situations, you will be great at Indian cricket betting online.

It is obvious that the benefits in cricket betting are much bigger than any of the drawbacks. You can cause yourself problems, if you don't choose a bookmaker in advance and end up cooperating with an office that doesn't have great conditions for online cricket betting. But this is the age of information technology, and so it is possible to gather the necessary information about a potential bookmaker partner in just a few seconds. The official Bilbet website has a good reputation among bettors, so we recommend you to pay attention to it. Especially, if you can't find a good option among online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees.

Important factors in online Indian cricket betting

The results of the toss before the match very often plays a big role. The turn of the attack in cricket is decided by a simple coin flip. This routine actually has a big impact on the result of the match. The team that attacks first in a test match often gains an advantage, because it plays its first attack on a new pitch with a new ball. By the way, on the Bilbet portal Indian players can find in the cricket betting line the bet on the toss.

In different places and in different stadiums, the pitch, where cricket is played, can vary from a dirt surface to a long grass, and the pitch can also change in one stadium from season to season, depending on the care.

Almost no other sport is so affected by the weather as cricket. Light rain, blazing sunshine, strong winds, and coverage can all drastically affect the progress of a match. Do not ignore the extra visit to the site, which has a detailed weather forecast, before you decide to bet at online cricket satta bazar or a betting shop.

The best cricket bets

Cricket doesn't have such a huge variety of bets, so you'll be able to figure it out quickly.

Bets on the outcome

This is one of the most popular bets for cricket betting. Bettors guess the outcome of the match, in other words which team will win the meeting. A draw in cricket is impossible (except in tournaments of the first level), so the bettors have two options: winning the first or the second team. Experts recommend analyzing head-to-head encounters to decide on a choice. On the first level competitions you can bet with double chances, securing in case of a draw.

Bets on total

Cricket matches are often very long, and bookmakers offer many different totals, for example, you can bet on the total number of runs in the match, or on the total of runs in the particular segment of the game. These totals are either individual or total, which means you are betting on cricket based on the performance of each team.

Additional bets

Players in online cricket betting often choose to win or lose a team with a handicap, plus or minus. In test matches, bettors often bet on a zero handicap, ensuring their result in case of a possible tie.

Special bets

In cricket there are many non-standard situations, so there are special bets. For example, a bettor can bet on the outcome of the toss. Players have access to bets on the victory in the first inning, and there are also separate bets on the statistics of the players: who is considered the best bowler and batter, etc.

Choosing a bookmaker and the sequence of actions

Not all online cricket betting sites in india give favorable odds and a good spread specifically on cricket. Try about ten to fifteen bookmakers before you make your choice, or go to the official website of Bilbet, which always has a wide line and favorable online cricket betting odds.

Follow a clear online cricket betting strategy, but you should not use several options at once. Good strategies will in any case give profit at a distance, but it is important to play for a long time, and not to change options every week.

Manage your bankroll wisely. Cricket betting involves frequent bets, and your bankroll plays a very important role. Do not exceed the limit on the amount and do not try to win back quickly in case of a series of defeats. In this case, at least you will not be stuck with zero money after a few days of poor activity.

Spend a lot of time analyzing and watching matches, because it will give you the necessary basis for stable earnings from cricket match betting.

Main conclusions

Understanding the specifics of cricket from text materials is very difficult, if a person has no idea what it is in general. You need to watch more of these competitions, because only practice can create a perfect understanding of the game and future successful cricket betting. You shouldn't be afraid to spend a lot of time on it, because then you will feel like a real expert in this field.

We recommend players to make cricket betting within the same championship and watch these teams more often, paying attention to all the subtleties and nuances of the game. Such an approach can help to accurately determine the prediction that will then become a winning one. Today, there are many opportunities to watch the matches, and that is why it is necessary to use it and not be too lazy.

Most successful cricket bettors would be those players who genuinely love this exciting sport and become fierce fans. But even here, the main thing is not to be too enthusiastic, because for many bettors the game on the favorites often goes wrong, so it is better to exclude favorite clubs from your online cricket betting.

It turns out that you need to get all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as choose the right bookmaker and develop your analytical ability. Believe it or not, your analytical skills will gradually grow with your experience, while Bilbet is one of the best Indian cricket betting online portals out there right now, which you can check out by yourself.